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18 Giu 10

Simple Gps Info is a simple android application that would help you know and share your gps coordinates with your android smartphone. The code is really fast and efficient and the app consist on a simple to understand layout without any kind of menu.

Once started, Simple Gps info for Android will start automatically your android gps ( Even if it’s disabled by you ) and then it will start seeking for a gps-fix.

In the meanwhile you could also look at the radar that would rotate following  the north pole. You can try and see where is the north-pole by simply rotating your smartphone. Furthermore the radar will show you the satellites you’re smartphone is receiving.

When the Gps sensor get the fix you’ll start to see the coordinates changing and you’ll be able to share your location with your android phone.

In order to accomplish this task you’ve to push the bottom-placed button and then choose how to share it.

Right now Simple Gps info will support the following way to share the location:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Sms
  • Gmail
  • Others activity implementing text/plain content-type intent receiver.

Here are some screenshots of the first version. ( Now improved with better graphics )


  • punalex

    Can you add UTM for the location?
    Since My country commonly use UTM (WGS84) rather than Latitude and Longitude

  • myra silva

    Hi! I am currently based in Bangkok and have download this app. But I doesn’t seem to work.. Am not sure if I’m doing something wrong… Hope you can help me.



  • Philip Ng

    I have download your open source code but there is a problem compiling. Error on the following three lines.. and many others line. Is it possible to zip your project folder and related library .

    import com.andreabaccega.notifiche.RateOnMarket;
    import com.andreabaccega.weblib.BuchShortener;
    import com.andreabaccega.weblib.ShortenUrlListener;

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