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Add Events on Google Calendar on Android Froyo and above

09 Ago 10

Since i started developing applications for android i noticed there were some undocumented apis. Google does reccomend to not use these apis but since there are no “other nice ways” to achieve some tasks sometimes they are useful ( but still unreccomended)

It’s the case of the Google Calendar Apis. Out there you can find a lot of docs about these undocumented & unsupported apis but you’ll get some troubles if google decides to change them.

For example if you want to add an “event” to the calendar programmatically you can follow the snippet below which is SDK proof. In fact i did ( It’s not refactored for better reading ) write some code that would work on Sdk from 1.5 to 2.2 ( aka Froyo ) solving the provider issue on froyo and above.

Hope it helps to solve the problem about google calendar in froyo ūüôā

Reference to the CP: Xda


  • Saif

    It worked, i have forgotten to add read and write premission in manifest. Thanks a lot. Its really very nice tutorial.

  • Jack

    works only for me if i change
    …(Build.VERSION.SDK) == 8
    …(Build.VERSION.SDK) >= 8

    (2 times)

  • Daniel

    Ive tried your example with a few tweaks, but I still can’t make it work. I’ve tried it on my 2.3.7 android phone.

    Hope you can help me…

    public class LolActivity extends Activity {
    /** Called when the activity is first created. */
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    Another way of adding events
    Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();
    Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_EDIT);
    intent.putExtra(“beginTime”, cal.getTimeInMillis());
    intent.putExtra(“allDay”, true);
    intent.putExtra(“rrule”, “FREQ=YEARLY”);
    intent.putExtra(“endTime”, cal.getTimeInMillis()+60*60*1000);
    intent.putExtra(“title”, “A Test Event from android app”);
    Calendar beginTime = Calendar.getInstance();
    beginTime.set(2011, 11, 15);
    Calendar endTime = Calendar.getInstance();
    endTime.set(2011, 11, 16);

    addToCalendar(this, “Titel paa test”, beginTime.getTimeInMillis(), endTime.getTimeInMillis());
    public void addToCalendar(Context ctx, final String title, final long dtstart, final long dtend) {
    final ContentResolver cr = ctx.getContentResolver();

    Cursor cursor ;
    if (Integer.parseInt(Build.VERSION.SDK) >= 8 )
    cursor = cr.query(Uri.parse(“content://”), new String[]{ “_id”, “displayname” }, null, null, null);
    cursor = cr.query(Uri.parse(“content://calendar/calendars”), new String[]{ “_id”, “displayname” }, null, null, null);
    if ( cursor.moveToFirst() ) {
    final String[] calNames = new String[cursor.getCount()];
    final int[] calIds = new int[cursor.getCount()];
    for (int i = 0; i = 8 )
    newEvent = cr.insert(Uri.parse(“content://”), cv);
    newEvent = cr.insert(Uri.parse(“content://calendar/events”), cv);
    if (newEvent != null) {
    // Long.parseLong( newEvent.getLastPathSegment() );






  • sidhLazy

    Good Tutorial. Thanks.

    Event gets added to calendar. however when i try to edit, i get a force close error on 2.3.7

    11-22 17:06:22.740: E/AndroidRuntime(5250): Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    11-22 17:06:22.740: E/AndroidRuntime(5250): at java.util.TimeZone.getTimeZone(
    11-22 17:06:22.740: E/AndroidRuntime(5250): at
    11-22 17:06:22.740: E/AndroidRuntime(5250): at
    11-22 17:06:22.740: E/AndroidRuntime(5250): at

  • Justin

    You should probably change:
    Integer.parseInt(Build.VERSION.SDK) == 8
    Integer.parseInt(Build.VERSION.SDK) >= 8

    and line 40 should be:
    newEvent = cr.insert(Uri.parse(“content://calendar/events”), cv);

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  • Artz

    @veke87 : Can you give us a full source code  ????

  • Andrea Baccega

    Hello Artz, I think all the sourcecode you need is there. Do you’ve any troubles with it ?


  • Andrea Baccega

    Thanks Justin, I patched the code with your mods.

  • Lakshmikanthsm

    Greetings of the day,

    as a new developer in android platform im stuck in create a calender app with many events.

    can anybody please help me to create calendar and add the multiple events to that calendar.

    waiting for positive reply.

    or any use full links or code pls share with me