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WordPress Reciprocal Links 1.0.78

02 Nov 08

La nuova versione del mio plugin per l’aumento della link popularity del vostro blog Γ¨ disponibile qui.

In questa nuova release ho fatto le seguenti modifiche:

  1. Risolto un bug di sicurezza tramite il quale era possibile dell sql injection tramite delle chiamate in ajax al mio plugin;
  2. Aggiunto alcune features statistiche;
  3. E’ stato implementato l’invio di una e-mail di notifica dell’avvenuto pubblicamento del link al richiedente.
  4. Risolti alcuni bug nella gestione interna del database.

Se ci sono problemi fatemi sapere.Β  πŸ™‚

English Version:

The new version of my plugin for increasing the link popularity of your blog is seo plugin download” href=”” target=”_self”>here.

In this new release I made the following changes:

1. Fixed a security bug through which it was possible the sql injection through ajax call to my plugin;
2. Added features some statistics;
3. Implemented the notification e-mail to the link publisher (when the link is approved).
4. Fixes some bugs in the internal management of the database.

If there are problems let me know. πŸ™‚


  • I’m not that good with php, but I think there’s a “<” missing on line 14 in “wp-rec-links-cron.php”, just before the “tr”. And when I put it there myself, it disappeared after saving. Anyway, mayby it’s better you take a look at the screenshot of the problem. You’ll find it here:

    By the way, as you can see I translated your plugin into Dutch. I don’t know if there’s already a Dutch translation. If not, and if your interested, I’ll make it downloadable for you so you can put it as a download on your site.

    Waiting to hear from you



  • The line 14 is:
    It is ok for me… What is your Line 14?

    Could you please give me the translation? I will release it in the next release…

    Regards Andrea

  • This is my line 14:
    $ok.=”tr bgcolor=\”#c0c0c0\”>$entry->id$entry->url$entry->recurl”.htmlentities($tmp).””;

    About the translation: I’ll send you the link where you can download it.



  • Here’s the downloadlink:

    If I missed a translation (for instance a translation in an other file), just let me know.



  • Hello again, I have found another plugin, a business directory, this uses 2 pages instead of 1, one for the submission form, one for the directory. Check out this plugin, maybe you could make yours use 2 pages, that would be nice.

  • I will Do it CarpetGuy.. The next Release of my plugin is coming … Thanks for the suggestion πŸ™‚

  • installed the plugin but when a form is filled in and send this error is shown: “not valid url” and “not valid reciprocal url”

    i’m using wp 2.7

    what’s the problem, it the plugin not compatible?

  • I don’t know.. Probably a template problem….

  • Thanks for the reply, you where right. it was a a template problem.

    Other question. Is it possible to integrate a “Reciprocal Status” option in de admin panel that checks the Reciprocal link status?


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