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Wp Reciprocal Links 1.0.77 Out

24 Ott 08

  1. La nuova versione di Wp Reciprocal Links è uscita . In questa versione sono state implementate queste nuove funzionalità:
  1. È stato tolto il filtro antispam in javascript per evitare problemi di incompatibilità .
  2. È stato implementato il filtro antispam che utilizza akismet per filtrare i link.
  3. È stato fatto un improvement della gestione degli errori e della visualizzazione di questi.
  4. È stato creato una piccola thanks page… In particolare, se il link ha passato tutti i filtri del plugin, viene stampato un messaggio di ringraziamento.
  5. È stato risolto un bug di malfunzionamento del plugin nel caso fosse settata qualche altra variabile in POST

Aspettando notizie, Saluti Baccega Andrea

English Version

The new version of Wp Reciprocal Links is out. In this version have been implemented these new features:
  1. It was removed in the spam filter javascript to avoid incompatibility problems.
  2. It was implemented spam filter that uses Akismet to filter link.
  3. It was made improvement of management errors and displaying them.
  4. It was created a little thanks page … In particular, if the link has passed all the plugin filters, a printed thanks message appears.
  5. The update fixes a plugin bug occoured when POST was setted by other plugins.

Waiting for news, Greetings Andrea Baccega


  • where’s the download link

    secondly, how can we customize this according to my requirements….

  • hi. Thanks for plugin



  • @naseer ahmad mughal:
    I’m working on it.. I must think about it… The link is :

    @baron: Thanks it is pleasure hearing that from you

  • Great news! The other two sites where I have this plugin installed are now working! Thanks, this should be a very popular addon to anyones site!

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  • Hello again,
    As I posted, it is working on all three of the sites where I have tested it, but I have one problem, that DELETE box is way to close to the approved section, in dragging the approved link I keep deleting them! Where the problem comes in, if there is much text in the description, I cannot drag it into the approved section, if I go down far enough to get into the approved area, it is also in the delete area, can you put more space between the two?

  • After looking at the “manage” page further, I realized that once there are a few approved links, the above mentioned problem will quickly go away, but, what happens as the list grows longer and longer? Thn it will be difficult to get a bad link to the delete area. Heres an idea, move the delete area to the top, above the pending section, what do you think? As long as you keep up with the approval process, that list will not get any longer. The reason I bring all of this up, is that link exchanges are often abused by SPAMMERS, so I can foresee needing to delete quite a few, especially once the bots show up! What about a CAPTCHA? SPAMBOTS always show up, so we need some sort of defense.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, in the next release i have to improve this features.

    • Send an e-mail to the link submitter when the link will be approved
    • Moving The ‘X’ over the pending links
    • Send an e-mail with a link to the blogger who can approve the link simply clicking on the link in the e-mail
  • CarpetGuy There is a powerful antispam protection.. My plugin is using Akismet for filtering spam ..

    I could say that you will never get spam 🙂 But if it is not i will improve more defence 🙂

  • I use Akismet, that is great, you must have just added that? You are doing a great job on this, thanks, it is something that was needed.