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Wp Reciprocal Links 1.0.74 Out

26 Set 08

Salve gente, ho rilasciato l’ultima versione del mio wordpress seo plugin (Disponibile qui). La versione 1.0.74 porta alcune migliorie, tra le quali ci sono:

  1. La pagina di submit Γ¨ piΓΉ leggera.
  2. I Javascript sono stati ritoccati e vengono inclusi nel footer.
  3. Sono supportate e-mail di 35 caratteri ( prima erano 20 )
  4. Dovrebbero essersi risolte alcune interferenze tra css.

Ringrazio tutti quelli che lo stanno provando e mi supportano nel progetto inviandomi richieste di nuove features a wp reciprocal links.

Saluti πŸ™‚ Baccega andrea.

English Version

Hello people, I released the latest version of my wordpress seo plugin (download here). The version 1.0.74 brings some improvements, among which are:

1. The page is lighter to submit.
2. Retouched JavaScript and moved it in the footer.
3. Supported e-mail of 35 characters (previously 20)
4. Maybe resolved some interference between css.

I thank all those who are trying this plugin andΒ  sending requests for new features.

Greetings:) Baccega andrea.


  • No luck here, I am still getting the same error message, ‘something gone bad’

  • Res

    404 file not found for version 1.0.74

  • Solved πŸ™‚ Sorry

  • Res

    Thank you for working on this, unfortunately it still isn’t playing nice with the featured content gallery. It does something to the code that makes all the header images, which scroll in the header normally, all show all over the page, like they’re spilling out of the header. Thanks for trying anyway:)

  • Leo

    I got “something gone bad” too.

  • Hei, i’m sorry.. i’ll try to patch when i’ll come back from the holidays..

    See you at 7 October πŸ™‚

  • I love this plugin. Thank you. It is so simple and easy to use. And a totally underrated action people need to take on their sites. Would you consider adding categories to the mix.

  • Leo

    Thanks veke87 ! I love this plugin too.

  • In fact, I would pay you to add some features? It would benefit everyone.

    Would you be interested?



  • @Jeff: Yes of course .. Post your idea here..

    Thanks For everyone to download and supporting me.